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After opening the doors to its new home in 2017, UE.co quickly discovered the unique space had the potential to serve as much more than an office. UE.co’s long history of community involvement paired with this new realization sparked the formation of The UE Foundation.  

UE.co’s leadership team realized their space could be used as a venue rental for the public, and proceeds from these rentals, combined with money donated from the company, can be used to empower nonprofits in the San Diego Community.

In 2018, The UE Foundation was launched, as an extension of the UE.co brand dedicated to giving back and strengthening the community.

Our Team

The UE.co team is made up of individuals who share a passion for giving back to our home city. With the help of UE.co and our non-profit partners, we work to reinvest in our community and help build a stronger San Diego.

Our Partners

These nonprofits and foundations align with our mission of doing good by empowering people with cognitive and physical disabilities. Find out how each of our partners are making an impact.

Our Home

This unique space offers a wide open floor plan and plenty of unique areas for events of all sizes. Bbook your next event with us knowing that your contribution to The UE Foundation will help empower lives in our community.